A trippy song from my last road trip

My last two weekends were spent in beautiful Utah. While the first one in North Utah (Bear Lake & Antelope Island in Salt Lake) was amazing, the Thanksgiving weekend in South Utah was something beyond expectations. Taking off-road trails in Monument Valley, Antelope Canyons and Arches National Park, you can experience a terrain & geography like you’d never find anywhere else. Thanks to the month long travel-vacations I was taken to every year growing up, I’ve travelled through almost all of India and can draw easy parallels between destinations in US to their sister-locales in India – except for this one. I’ve been wanting to write a ten-syllable, ten-stanza song for a long time and the sheer beauty and uniqueness of this place almost wrote it by itself.

Thoughts, Memories, Feelings

There’s a valley in south central Utah
That is as red as the sun ever gets
And in that valley stand huge monuments
Creations of wind and rocks and red sand

They stand in different shapes and sizes
Just like the shapes of your thoughts in my head
Some are tall some are short some are rounded
And each one so different from the rest

Each carries its own little history
Withered with age and shaped by its own past
I’m told love comes slow and goes real fast
But these thoughts, I’m not sure how long they last?

To the west of this valley are canyons
Where a cold river once broke it apart
But now all that remains are its markings
Just like the paintings you etched on my heart

The sunlight plays games with the canyon
Mocking and flirting through its open parts
Forming mosaics with darkness and shadows
Your cruel games with my broken heart

Each line, each curve, each striation on stone
The beauty and magic of something strong
Those close intimate touches bygone
Memories – will they ever fade along?

To north east of this valley are arches
Where frozen water broke boulders apart
Left structures like entrances to churches
As it melted like your pain from my heart

And though holes may leave a rock incomplete
Take away from it what it wants and needs
They open portals to a world more complete
Adding grace like a monk’s prayer beads

And so even though it left me reeling
Writhing in pain with fists clutched and kneeling
I thank you for every single feeling
Playing your part, not offering healing

The valley, the canyons and the arches
Do they tease me and remind me of You?
Or just like a mirror do they show me
The dead terrain of my life without You?

-uber bilahg


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