When we first Met so to speak

was it the moon, the stars, the moonlight, or that reflection in the lake
was it your eyes, your smile, your eyelids, or the things they said and hid
was it the air, the breeze, the dew drops, or that mild chirping of the birds
was it your breath, your smell, your touch, sounds you whispered in my ears

those things of the realm of the senses, not of mind, not of soul or heart
they couldn’t have been so powerful, to take me so far away
past limits of reality, existence and rationality
few moments of eternity, rendezvous with infinity

remember how we broke the barriers, of distance and time with ease
how we met without ever meeting, stumbling on our online streams
how every thought of yours then reached me, from thousands of miles across
how words soon became so redundant, when our minds began to talk

we experienced new dimensions, of emotion and perception
and crossed those bridges together, to places afar and higher
places our minds hadn’t fathomed, and imaginations feared to tread
our newly met souls in unison, crossed them without breaking sweat

so I doubt that it was the moon that night, or something you said or did
perhaps, an anomaly, aberration in reality
a moment so complete itself, that completeness felt inadequate
something that was destined to be, and yet left destiny amazed

perfection, and harmony, of all that there was and will ever be
moments that leave words in despair, remind them of their misery
that beautiful moonlit warm summer night, when we first Met so to speak
was it real, was it just my dream, questions so meaningless, so weak

-uber bilahg

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