Happiness is a B****!

dim lights

cigarette smoke

and that smell of whiskey

in an upscale vegas club he sits

in peace



‘what more? what next?’

‘what am i really after?’

‘what is that missing element?’

‘in life.’


‘isn’t love’

‘money, power’

‘all that i have enough’

‘and yet i run, to overcome’

‘some void’




and that’s when it strikes

like the prettiest face he has ever seen

‘it’s happiness!’




he walks up to happiness

‘hi’, he says with a hopeful smile



it stuck

the desire and the void

lingered for many months.

‘all i need is happiness’, he thought

‘that’s it!’



he bared his soul

let his intentions be known

in a letter to happiness



not yet‘,

came a prompt reply

my own free will, I operate by

i am happiness, not a toy




‘of your company’

‘the pleasure of acquaintance’

‘all i asked for was a chance’



the toil

the pain and the suffering

the helplessness of action

the preoccupation of mind and heart



with time

and passing life

wounds turned into scars

and fire into smoldering ash




one lonely night

in his weary solitude

he saw it again, that bright happy light




chilling memory

of rejection and plight

sent a cold shiver down his spine.

that fear…


that sound

his throbbing heart

the unanswered question

with shivering words he finally asks,

‘hey, tell me why?’


it smiles.

he skips a beat.

‘to me, you were quite alright’

‘for the sadness, I apologize’

‘but then…’


‘a slave’

‘ruled by desire’

‘drenched in attachment’

‘entrenched in expectation’

‘weren’t you?’


‘call me’

‘when you are rid,’ 

‘of all this excess baggage’

‘your rush for love, money, power.’



‘i’ll come’ 

‘to you, when you’re free’

‘from comparison,’ 

‘choice, approval, future, history.’

‘i’ll come…’


‘wake up’

‘we’re about to leave’

‘since when’ve you been dozing?’.

his friend’s angry words, in his sleepy head.

weird dream!



he gets up to leave

to his baffled friend, says:

‘you know that sexy Happiness chick?’

‘She’s a bitch!’


-uber bilahg


[my first attempt in traditional 2-4-6-8-2 Cinquain]

[inspired heavily by books and videos from dan gilbert]


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