A few sips of life!

Had my ‘highest’, coldest and most expensive birthday bash ever.. on the Diwali night… US rocks! Here’s one for the evening:

Tobacco smoke
In the air
Dancing merrily
On the country song

Guitar playing
In the background
Silent voices
Is there something wrong?

Neon lights
Teasing and flirting
Every sip
Takes me so far

Like a stranger
Lost & lonely
Staring blankly
At the door ajar

Either heaven
Or its hell
Pretty faces
Wanna sketch them all

Thoughts racing
Across my head
Any sorrows
I can’t really recall

Its life
At its best
No questions
No problems to solve

No boundaries
Or hidden desires
Can feel
All my doubts dissolve

God’s happy
Stars are bright
Moon’s trying
To make the night long

Don’t stop o lady
Pour me some more
Coz this place
Is where I truly belong!


One Response to “A few sips of life!”

  1. Kangana Says:

    you sound really happy 🙂 It emanates from the words and the song-like rhyming of your verse..maybe you should try making it into a song!

    Interesting blog,btw.


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