The Empty Cup

Life has been kinda on a standstill for some reason since the last few weeks. Its amazing how a few glasses of any liquid can spark a thought so strong that it doesn’t let you sleep for two days till you don’t pen it down:

The Empty Cup

an empty cup….
on my lonely table
in the vacant room
of my desolate house

the cup is complete
no crack no speck
clean and polished
it stands upright

yet something is amiss
something weirdly strange
like a choice
without reason

no fizz of soda
no warmth of coffee
no chill of beer
nothing unwanted, unnecessary

the unthought importance
of the unimportant
the aimless significance
of the insignificant

how empty
and yet so full
of nothingness…..


3 Responses to “The Empty Cup”

  1. Darshan Says:

    awesome ..but really do u miss things back home so so much ..or is it someone that inspired u to write ‘the empty cup’ ..! anyway well most people like us would agree to the essence of ‘the empty cup’ atleast the extent of 99 % ..

  2. sanidhyakhilnani Says:

    its not about missing things… in fact it was another kind of emptiness that brought me here from India…. but now i guess this is equally intense..though way different in nature… but its all in the mind i guess… the ailment and the cure… and it took me a trip to US and $32k to realize!

  3. Surabhi Says:

    Voids develop so that they can be filled up.
    Voids come along because something is amiss.
    But then if they had never been there how would you appreciate being complete? Or the feeling of fullness…would be meaningless

    I am sure ur cup shall be filled to the brim with new ideas and work that u love doing…Then u shall appreciate the beauty of it all!!!
    heheh happened to me…
    Am so full right now šŸ˜‰

    Take care and ciao…

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