Too Many Ideas… Too Little Time :(….

Well, since this title line has adorned my GTalk Status bar for some time now and people have been bugging me in the middle of my classes asking how a sloth like me can have ‘too little time’ and above all ‘too many ideas’ , I decided to start my swanky new blog on my brand new website with an answer that I can ‘link’ those questions to.

For those unacquainted with me, I just started my MS program in Computer Science at NCSU (Raleigh) after almost two years of programming at Infosys. Ever since classes started life’s sorta changed significantly and suddenly. Subject Selections, Group Formations, Topic Selections, Project Proposals, On-Campus jobs along with the usual load of ‘living life’ in the US, seems to have taken me by surprise. (Not that I was expecting a bed of roses, but this was just too sudden!)

So that in essence explains the ‘too little time’ part. As regards the ‘too many ideas’, its more to do with the intellectual side rather than the physical or psychological aspects. I have taken up these four wonderful courses in my first semester –

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Knowledge Based Systems
  3. Database Systems
  4. Advanced Data Structures

Its either something thats changed in the two years since I finished my undergrad or something in the style of teaching here that every lecture I attend seems to flood me with a juggernaut of ideas. Everything seems to be inspiring ideas. Possibilities seem to show up and build upon each other into castles of imagination. So far it’s all nice…Like being in the rabbit-hole.

But being in the rabbit hole can also get really frustrating, as i realized in the last few days. Because when the ideas seem too many you begin to feel diminished by your own ignorance. Your ignorance even to understand the pragmatics if not the applicabilities of your ideas.

In fact, over this long Labor Day weekend the feeling overwhelmed to an extent that I’ve ended up almost wasting the entire three days!! And it was perhaps this desire to understand the forces that are bugging me that led me to write this post. Hoping that it helps and I get back on track from tomorrow as planned. To give you some idea of the state my mind, here’s a snap of the state of my table!



One Response to “Too Many Ideas… Too Little Time :(….”

  1. Surabhi Diwan Says:

    Hey Sanidhya,
    Your blog is like just cool…
    Just woke up to the applications…
    Started working on those…
    Now I am getting really inquisitive about life in the US?
    Ur blog was an enlightener…
    And now that I am getting serious about the whole it is just showing the path ahead…
    Hoping that u have the answers to ur short term dilemmas??
    And do u really have to study soo much??? Hehehehe
    I am sure you would have to …!!!
    But being outta college for 2 years just makes me think how can u study sooo much???
    It was great reading ur blog…
    Keep Blogging Hehehehe

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